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April 8-10, we held a Storm Ranch ride located southwest of Austin in Dripping Springs. This ranch covers approximately 6000 acres of pristine hill country. Rides led by Mr. Storm’s granddaughter, Kris Herzog, we rode the ranch Saturday and Sunday.  The group was rather small, but we had folks from Nachadoches, Stephenville, Walburg, and Gatesville all first time riders at the ranch. The Saturday morning ride out was delayed, as we were called to assist Donna Murphy after her trailer incident. Donna called me, rather upset, telling me that there had been an accident, but everyone, horses included were ok. I asked for volunteers to go and assist Donna with her trailer, which was had stopped short of a group of trees. The trailer was re-connected to another truck, and driven to our camp site and off we all rode. At the end of the day, we traveled past the scene of the accident, and it was amazing that no one was injured. 
 After all the excitement we had a lovely ride and enjoyed the day. It was hot and the creeks that are usually running in the spring are dry. Our camp site was the interior location that we used at the fall ride, which gives us access to interior of the ranch. If you have ever considered coming to the Storm, you should do so. It is a very lovely place to enjoy your horses. 
By: Geri Bischoff, Director Region 10

Dear Geri and all organizers of the Storm Ranch Ride: 
Thank you once again for the wonderful Storm Ranch Ride on 4-9-11. I always love riding there and look forward to having the opportunity to join everyone. After such a “bad start” for me I had an awesome day! I have learned to never give up and to count my blessings! The trailer incident I had was quite scary and I can not express how grateful I am to have all the help to get my trailer back up and running!  
The story goes like this:  As I was arriving at the ride, when I went over a cattle guard, somehow my trailer, (3 horse slant bumper pull with a bull nose hitch), came off the truck hitch, and the hooks on my chains stretched out and the trailer was freed and  banged into  the rear of my truck, ( F-350 Dully), and then took off down the ranch road about a hundred feet until it finally stopped! My first fear was for my horses, I am forever grateful they were just fine! I called Geri Bischoff, our director at the ride, to let her know what happened. She immediately sent a crew of helpers that was such a warm welcome. I want to express my thanks to Kris Herzog, Mr. Storms granddaughter, and Erin Johnson, along with Gilbert Little and Gary Callon. These folks were like angels to me! They brought jacks and knew how to get me back and running again. I was pretty shook up at this point. I am forever grateful to you!
 In about  30 minutes we got the trailer out of ditch and  re-connected to my truck.  Everyone at the ride had waited on us, and I am thankful to each of you for your patience. When things go bad, horse folks just know how to re-assure one another!  I still got to ride my horse, after such a scary start and had a most awesome ride on a fabulous day. It was a wonderful ride, great folks, good weather, and wonderful trail!
It is so wonderful how horse folks chip in to help one another!  My trailer made it home safely, (nice and slow),  and  is being checked out and repaired today. I am a trainer, and travel with my trailer often, this was not my first rodeo!!  I certainly have angels that got me through that one!! Soon I will be up and running as usual, I am having the ball replaced and the hitch on the trailer replaced, although my trailer service guy said nothing seemed to be wrong with it, and it was something that just does not happen with the type of set up that I have. But as we know , things can go wrong. I have guardian angels that carried my loose trailer to a safe stop.
The flying trailer barely missed a group of large oak trees, actually the entire left side scraped the trees, and took out all the running lights on the left side, which are being replaced. The front of the trailer where it rolled into the truck also needs some body work, but hay, no horses were hurt, and my day ended on a good note!
You folks are all so awesome and I am so grateful.  Travel safe and may the horse angels be with all of you!
Thanks again.  Horses First, Donna Murphy, TETRA Member, www.aztecastables.com

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