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Outreach Ride 2010

The Outreach Ride at Parrie Haynes was the last outreach funded by the grant given by Texas Parks and Wildlife. TETRA was challenged with hosting five different groups of students from a variety of areas. The first group came from Carrolton/Farmer’s Branch with 35 students. This group is inner-city and has little chance to experience the outdoors. Morgan Mill’s students are familiar with the outdoors but were given the opportunity learned how to drive a team and to learn about Texas history. Quinlan’s students have limited opportunities to experience the world outside of their county. The experience of being able to travel and learn about Texas history was a real treat to these young folk. Mabank’s gifted and talented students were thrilled to experience a hands-on study of history. On Friday afternoon, David Woodberry brought 45 students from the Killeen and Temple area who are at-risk individuals. They learned that their behavior impacts how others perceive them and treat them.  A little “do unto others” lesson for many of the youngsters was accomplished.
This event could never have been such a success without the help of the many volunteers who came to offer their help and time and gas freely. The wagon drivers were Kelly Boesen, Randy Greenfield, Juanita Brooks, Billy Sparks, Blanfard Perry, Nate Richards and T.R. Gage. Kelly even dashed back home to pick up a better collar for his horse and never missed a lick helping with the youngsters. Rita Motley played Mrs. Priddy at the dog trot cabin each day and was only able to ride in the wagons one day. She helped with the branding and helped greet the students as they arrived. Richard and Louise Burney were trail boss and wife and did a good job of timing our arrival so the program ran on time. Richard showed the young ones how to rope. Jack Borchers rode outrider and showed the kids how to rope. Joyce and Charles Mosie were drag scouts and managed the horseshoe pitching contest. Jon Ed Blakistone and Bob Rawson gave the kids a rollicking good time with their Texas Trivia Quiz. They had hands shooting up vying for the correct answer and a prize. Jan Price kept all of us safe and in line. She monitored the health of all with a calmness needed in the hubbub of kids running everywhere around horses and hot brands. Ronnie Crouch and Carol Daughtery served the meals three times each day ON TIME!  No one went away hungry from their dining hall. As outriders, Teddy Stoffregen, Sara McMillan, Sylvia Perry, Stan Dalley, Mary Littlefield and Kristin Dalley assured the safety of the drivers and students. Gary Hahn arrived early Sunday haulingtents and other stuff over. Along with the help of Tim Spice they got our camp set up and were there to tear it down on Saturday and took care of the leftover food. Gary also helped Carol get the food set up and held a safetly meeting to get the event off to a great start. Paula Engelhardt came to talk with the students about plants and monitored the kids in the biggest wagon. We all wanted the kids to brand but were concerned about some getting burned. 
Jan and company set up a relay to control the flow of children. Rita would allow two kids at a time across the wall; she would send them to Jan to pick out their swatch of leather. They would then go to Mary or Sara who would hold them until Billy was ready for them to do the branding. Sylvia held them until she had 6 kids and would then send them to Debby who talked about bobbed wire. The last station was Juanita who told them about the cochlea  bug who m
akes a foam on cacti and can be used for painting your face. I would especially like to thank Barbara McKnight who kept me straight and handed me my horse’s reins. She registered, gathered the release papers from the teachers, watered my horse, tied my horse for me, put my horse’s bridle back on after lunch, and hauled stuff for me about camp.
Debby Alley

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