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The TETRA Annual Membership meeting at Parrie Haynes Ranch was a big success this year. member meeting 2010 004.jpgWe met at the Equestrian Area and despite very cold weather and not a lot of extra room, everyone had a great time.

There were 63 members present, one of the best turn-outs we’ve had in years.

Our guest speaker was Adam Jarrett, the new Director for Parrie Haynes Ranch. He introduced himself, gave us a little idea of what his plans are for working with TPWD to improve the ranch and answered a few questions. One of Adam’s primary interests is in working with youthmember meeting 2010 008.jpg and he sees a lot of opportunities for TETRA to partner in those activities. In general the future of the ranch and equestrian activities there looks bright. TETRA members assured him that we are eager to continue to participate with TPWD in improving the ranch and its facilities, and giving more young people an opportunity to learn about trail riding and Texas history.

Carol Daugherty prepared an outstanding meal for the attendees. Gary Hahn, Blanfard Perry and Dwight McMillan grilled ribeye steaks to perfection and when paired with Carol’s baked potatoes, green beans and fresh salad, no one went hungry.

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member meeting 2010 007.jpgAfter lunch Gary Hahn called the meeting to order. Minutes from last year were approved and the Treasurer’s report was accepted. TETRA had $40,022.48 in the bank on January 1, 2010. There are 496 active members in TETRA but several renewals are overdue and almost 200 have lapsed. Everyone was encouraged to remind folks to join or renew and point out all of the good things TETRA has accomplished for its members and other equestrians around the state. There are more miles of trail in more places available to us than ever before.

Gary Hahn discussed the grant that was awarded to TETRA by TPWD for our outreach activities. TETRA was granted over $40,000.00 for four different outreach activities. member meeting 2010 009.jpg

At the Land Heritage Institute, near San Antonio, we will present a one-day event introducing low-income and disadvantaged children to pioneer life, including the importance of horses and wagons for survival during those times. At Ft. McKavett, students will become familiar with life on the trail and also learn the historical value of Ft. McKavett, the first home of the Buffalo Soldiers. They will experience a day at the Fort and one on the trail. In April at the Land Heritage Institute, students will learn a day in the life of pioneer farm living. In June, TETRA will combine its annual Clinics Weekend with other outdoor activities assisted by TPWD staff. In "Kickoff to an Outdoor Summer" we will offer activities for the entire family. Rock wall climbing, fly fishing demonstrations, dutch oven cooking, archery, map reading, orienteering and backpacking are just some of the offerings, so even if everyone in the family is not interested in the equestrian clinics, there will be plenty of other fun things to do and see. Our traditional October Outreach Ride will be held again this year at Parrie Haynes Ranch. We will be providing books and materials to the classes before they arrive to enhance the students’ learning when they attend the program. Last year’s activities were very successful and Debby Alley will be building on that for this year’s program.

After the Regional Caucuses voting was held to elect new officers. There were very few volunteers interested in accepting the responsibility for leading TETRA forward and therefore the current slate of officers was re-elected, with Vernon Leuschner being elected to the 2nd Vice President slot and Sylvia Perry being moved to the 2nd Vice President slot after Vivian Harvey withdrew her candidacy due to her workload. Several Directors at Large were elected to assist with the work of the organization in the absence of Directors for various regions. Penny Moore volunteered to work on Logo items, so there is hope that we will be able to offer TETRA gear on line in the near future.

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Front row(Lt-Rt) Sylvia Perry, Amy Davidson, Barbara Mcknight, Juanita Brooks, TR Gage, Geri Bischoff  Back row(Lt-Rt) Melissa Wolff, Sara Mcmillan, Bob Rawson, Penny Moore, Debby Alley, Gary Hahn, Jan Price, Jeanne Hahn

The TETRA Board is as follows: Gary Hahn, President; Sylvia Perry, 1st Vice President; Vernon Leuschner, 2nd Vice President; Juanita Brooks, Secretary; Jan Price, Treasurer; Barbara McKnight, Past President; Debby Alley, Activities Director; Billie Montgomery, Region 1; Melissa Wolff and Amy Davidson, Co-Directors Region 4; TR Gage, Director Region 8; Teresa Chipman, Director Region 9; Geri Bischoff, Director Region 10. At Large Directors to serve a 1 year term are: Sara McMillan, Bob Rawson, Penny Moore, and Jeanne Hahn.

Awards were presented by Gary Hahn. The Ned Granger Award, for developing, maintaining and promoting use of public lands was presented to Norman and Susan Cumings for their work at Nails Creek. The Blanfard Perry Award was given to Billie Sparks for his steadfast involvement in our Outreach Rides. The President’s Award was given to Jan Price for her help with the grant application and other activities throughout the year. A Lone Star Legacy Award wasLone Star Award Winner 2010 Mem Meeting.jpg presented to Wayne Wells, a charter member of TETRA and has been telling people about the organization since almost TETRA’s inception. He passes out membership forms and tells his customers the rewards of joining the organization. Mr. Wells owns and runs Bar W Saddle and Tack Shop in China Spring, TX, just outside of Waco. He has pushed getting members for TETRA for many years and is very deserving on this award for his hard and dedicatmember meeting 2010 011.jpged work to the organization.

member meeting 2010 010.jpgFinally a Gavel Award was given to Gary Hahn in recognition for his devotion of time and resources to TETRA and promoting TETRAmember meeting 2010 014.jpg with TPWD and other organizations. As President, Gary has devoted untold hours to the betterment of our organization.

Other awards recognizing volunteer hours were also distributed. member meeting 2010 017.jpg

Topping off the afternoon, door prizes were distributed. Every member in attendance at the meeting was given a collapsible water bucket, andmember meeting 2010 018.jpg many other items that had been donated were raffled off. Everyone went home with something fun. The annual meeting was a great opportunity to visit with old friends andmember meeting 2010 005.jpg make some new ones. We hope even more folks will be able to attend next year.

By: Jan Price, TETRA Treasurer

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