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Region 10 Fall
Storm Ranch Ride

October 16-18, 2009

IMG_1792A.jpgThe Storm Ranch ride was held on October 16-18. We had a small group, but it was fun. Kelly Boeson, our mainstay was missing. He was missed, up to some of the details that he has always taken care of, for example the electric at the old barn, was not a grounded plug. Thanks to Debby Alley, she found someone who had a two to three way plug, and dinner was heating nicely Friday night, until Kris Herzogs horse unplugged the stew. That set us back about an hour, but we ate just about on time. Thirty riders came and we saw some nice areas of the ranch.

The weather was clear, and cool. Riders as far away as Denton and San Angelo traveledIMG_1466A.jpg to join us. Kris and Nancy Sutherland led the ride, and Erin Johnson was the gate opener and closer. There was IMG_1875.JPGa dessert contest Saturday night, and two judges had the delicious job of awarding the top three winners. There are plans to make this a regular ride, and we hope to do so. The spring ranch ride in 2010 will remain a welcome wagon ride, and we plan have just as much fun. By: Geri Bischoff, Region 10 Director.

**Photos By: Paula Engelhardt**

IMG_1770.JPG IMG_1861.JPG IMG_1852.JPG




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