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Summer Ride at Parrie Haynes was a Blast!

P1010011.jpgThe TETRA summer ride was held at Parrie Haynes Ranch June 12-14. We had a good turnout with 42 registered people.

The weather was hot and humid with storms around us, but it never stormed at the ranch. Jan Price posted aP1010009.jpg warning about heat + humidity factor, what it was that weekend and what effect it had on horses. We decided based on that information to have our main ride early in the mornings and not have an organized ride in the afternoons. Jan took care of all the registering and she and I (Jeanne Hahn) made homemade peanut butter cookies for everyone that afternoon. It was great fun.

P1010006.jpgSylvia Perry led the ride on Saturday morning taking us down some great trails, to the water trough by the house for the horses to drink from and cool off, and then back to camp. She kept us all in the shade as much as possible, much to every ones relief! To every ones surprise her husband Blanfard was even horseback instead of drivingP1010007.jpg one of his teams! I know everyone enjoyed having him on the trail and visiting with us. That afternoon was spent napping by some and playing dominos by others in the air conditioned clubhouse. Word of warning, if you have never played Mexican train dominos with our crew, Jan, Sylvia, myself, Gerry Bischoff, Sara McMillan, it is HILARIOUS!!! Come join us, you will laugh your head off!!

P1010024.jpgThe breakfast was taken care of by Sylvia Perry, and the potluck meat was brisket that Gary Hahn brought up from Mason. Needless to say, there was plenty of food!

Sara McMIllan and her husband Dwight led the Sunday morning ride. They did a great job and they took us down a different route but also ended up at the watering troughP1010015.jpg for the horses to cool off and drink. We ended up back in camp by lunch and everyone headed home. Thanks to everyone that helped with this ride and attended to make it a success!

By: Jeanne Hahn



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