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TETRA Ride at Parrie Haynes - February 20-22, 2009

Well, we didn’t freeze and we didn’t blow away in the wind, but it was a little chilly on Saturday morning! About 40 people gathered at Parrie Haynes Ranch to ride, eat, and play Mexican Train dominoes. Friday evening we enjoyed chili, cornbread and cake courtesy of Geri Bischoff and Vernon and Kathy Leuschner. The weather Friday was sunny and warm and several people enjoyed riding that afternoon. Saturday morning breakfast was prepared for us by Karl Cloninger. We ate egg and sausage breakfast casserole with homemade biscuits and Becky’s famous sausage gravy – yummy! Karl made enough for the entire cavalry so we got to enjoy it all over again Sunday morning. A cold front moved through on Saturday morning, just before the 9 am ride out, so only a hardy few decided to ride. We stayed mostly in the trees and when the sun finally came out it was actually pretty nice. The rest of the group played Mexican Train and waited for the weather to warm up a bit. In the afternoon we rode over to see the huge old oak tree on the west side of the ranch. Supper was pot luck, with meat provided by Karl Cloninger again. TETRA was supposed to pick up the tab, but Karl made it a donation to TETRA – talk about a staunch supporter of our organization! As usual, there was a great variety of wonderful dishes and we all ate well. We finished the evening with more Mexican Train. Interestingly, the scorekeeper Sylvia Perry managed to win every game! She took a little heat for that, but everyone knows she has a long history of combining good luck and skill every time she plays, no matter who keeps score!

Sunday morning was bright and sunny with only gentle breezes for an enjoyable ride. We got the clubhouse cleaned up and headed home. It was a great weekend to ride a horse and be with friends.

I’d like to thank everyone who helped out over the weekend, especially Geri Bischoff and Christy and Pat Villa. Christy and Pat are two new TETRA members who pitched in and provided a huge amount of help throughout the weekend. Patrick didn’t even ride, but he swept, washed dishes and helped in every way he could. What a great pair!

By Jan Price, TETRA Treasurer


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