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The 2014 Annual Meeting





The Annual Texas Equestrian Trail Riders Association, Inc. meeting was held on Jan 25, 2014 at the Houston Clinton Hall in Burnet, Texas. Glenna Bell Orman, Region 7 Co- Director, served as host and welcomed members and guests. A prayer and pledges to the American and Texas flags were led by past president and director at large, Barbara McKnight. Glenna introduced our speaker Barbara McKnight, TETRA past president/ Director-at-large. Barbara has served as the first co-director of Region 11 and currently serves as a representative of Texans for State Parks. Barbara spoke of the history and formation of TETRA as an organization. The TETRA organization was chartered on Nov 3, 1997, at a meeting held in College Station, TX on the campus of Texas A&M University.


The purpose of TETRA was “To promote all phases of trail riding as a family activity; to educate the public as to the care and conditioning of the horse for trail activities, environmental responsibilities, trail etiquette and safety; to establish, improve, and maintain trails, and to preserve the love of equine in Texas.”


TETRA has provided three horse expos in Texas and has provided more than 10 years of Outreach Trail rides for underprivileged youth, to educate them about the history of Texas and the significance of the horse in creating that history.


After a break with door prizes, the meeting continued with our speaker Patti Colbert of Colbert Enterprises/American Horse Council and American Mustang Foundation/Extreme Mustang Makeover. Ms. Colbert has worked with the Mustang Heritage Foundation for eight years. She works to increase adoptions of some fifty-five thousand horses in holding facilities and another thirty-five thousand horses roaming in 10 western states. The foundation developed the Extreme Mustang Makeover in 2000 to provide for some 6500 mustang adoptions. Ms. Colbert now works for the American Horse Council which works legislatively to lobby for and coordinate the horse industry as a whole. Due to a downward turn in the horse industry, she has found it especially important to expose our younger generation to horses. The target market is women and mothers between the age of 35 and 45 who will likely get both themselves and their children involved with horses. The foundation believes that success to grow this industry comes best through education.


After another break including door prizes, we welcomed Dr. Clay Stubbs, Equine Dentist from Johnson City, TX. Dr. Stubbs demonstrated the need for equine dental care by floating the teeth of one of Glenna Orman’s horses. He positioned the horse’s mouth and allowed members to see the sharp points before and after the procedure a delicious lunch buffet was served by Wahoo Catering of Burnet, TX.


The annual business meeting was called to order by President Gail Conway; reading of the minutes of the 2013 Annual Meeting were voted to be dispensed with; a motion was made by Barbara McKnight. This was seconded by Hans Micklitz; the motion carried.


Awards were presented by President Conway as follows:

       Legacy Awards - Merleene Pacheco • Jack Chaneyworth • Jeannie Wilson

       Special Event Award - Patsy Jo Miles

       Lone Star Award - Chuck Manning

       Jack Borchers Award - Phyllis Petronella

       Ned Granger Award - Hans Micklitz

       Board of Directors Award - Debby Alley


Dr. Conway presents Hans W. Micklitz with the Ned Granger Award. Congratulations!


The next item on the agenda was the Officer Elections. President Gail Conway opened the floor for any additional nominations. Due to a vacancy in the position of First Vice President, Ronnie Crouch was moved from Second to the vacant First Vice President position. Glenna Orman offered to run for the now vacant Second Vice President.T.R. Gage made a motion to accept officers for reelection by acclamation; this was seconded by Jack Borchers and the motion carried.


2014 Officers are:

       President: Dr. Gail Conway

       First Vice President: Ronnie Crouch

       Second Vice President: Glenna Orman

       Secretary: Sara McMillan

       Treasurer: Debby Alley



The meeting continued with Regional Caucuses. Regional Directors were voted into place by their respective regions. New Regional Directors:

       Region 7: Linda Ashton/Bill Shahan – Co-directors

       Region 8: Merleene Pacheco/Jan Price – Co-directors

       Region 10: Hans Micklitz

       Region 11: Patsy Jo Miles


A motion to adjourn was made by T.R. Gage. This was seconded by Murray Price; the motion carried. The newly elected 2014 Board of Directors meeting immediately followed.


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