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Reynolds Creek Equestrian Benefit Trail Ride
held on September 27-29, 2013.

by Sara McMillan- Project Manager


For those who attended with the possibility of bad weather, I really appreciated your support for the park. We had 22 people attend and yes, it did “rain on our parade “again. We took a long ride out on the trails Saturday morning, but later it began to rain and rained again on Sunday. The riders got to see the new “eagle nesting pole” being erected. It will be next to the current trail system and have a viewing area, as well as a live camera. The live camera will be available on the Waco Cameron Park zoo website in the future if the eagles take to the new nest.


With lots of good food and dominos, and visiting with friends old and new, a good time was had by all. I would like to thank all those who helped get the trails and sites ready. A special thanks to Merleene and Leo Pacheco, Jack Chaneyworth, Dwight McMillan, Jan and Murray Price and Sylvia and Blanfard Perry.


Additional work is in the near future at the park to include bathrooms and showers. Of course, maintaining the trails is always an ongoing project and we appreciate all the assistance we can get. During the cooler months, we will trim trail overgrowth and clear downed trees. If you can help please give me, a call and I will contact you. At the present time, lots of mowing needs to be done due to the glorious rains we have been getting, but once it frosts that will stop until spring. Always something to do though, so please volunteer. Please see an additional story in this issue regarding the new eagle

nesting pole.


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