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TETRA - Trail Riding for Everyone

TETRA Reunion Ride at Parrie Haynes Ranch

By: Debby Alley, TETRA Treasurer


As my horse picked her way over the rocky, winding trail, I saw a jackrabbit dart under the cedar trees. I heard the other horses following along behind me, and I rejoiced in the beautiful day and the great company on the TETRA ride at Parrie-Haynes Ranch.


We had been given a choice of a slow ride traveling at 3 mph or a fast ride averaging 6 mph. Some members chose to follow the well-marked loop trails in their own small groups. Most of the trails are rocky, but the Tigger trail offers smooth, soft ground for barefoot horses or pony carts. We found a few surprises in unexpected places, as many Halloween decorations had been left up from the Haunted Trail ride the weekend before.


Back in camp that evening, we gorged on the pot-luck dinner. Later we gathered around the campfire for conversation and live guitar music. The warmth of the fire was greatly appreciated as the temperature started to drop as soon as the sun set. On the way back to my trailer (and the large pile of blankets I planned to sleep under), I marveled at the clear, starry sky far away from any city lights. It was the perfect end to a fun, relaxing day. By: Michele Baker, Lampasas, TX.


We registered 56 people. We earned $490 for the bank account. It was a wonderful gathering of old friends and a true reunion when Murray Price brought out his guitar. His playing was always a tradition in “the old days”. We had some young ones; Helena and Lucas. Helena’s horse was new to trail riding so for safety, her aunt decided to ride away from the group. We applaud safety minded parents, thank you. Lucas’s mother was confident in her son’s ability to ride so she took the lead rope off part-way down the trail. She did have to take his spurs away until he got back to camp. He cut a fine figure at dinner with his spurs on!

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