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TETRA Region 11 First Planning Meeting For 2013

TETRA Region 11 held its first planning meeting for 2013 on January 12th at BRC (Brackenridge Recreation Complex) in

Edna, TX . Dr. Bob Rawson conducted the meeting. Ten members and two nonmembers were present.

Dr. Bob opened the meeting at 1pm with a prayer, and welcomed all who came.

Cammie Pearson came in to talk to us about BRC. She is the Recreation Manager for BRC, as well as the Arena Director. A question was asked about trails and camping in Texana State Park across the highway from BRC which was taken over in July 2012, but as of yet, there are no equestrian trails on that site. This might be considered at some time in the future, but there are no current plans to do so at this time. She stated that the equestrian trail here at BRC is not well known to the public, and welcomed our input and suggestions. She said she is willing to develop a working relationship with TETRA but needs to be kept informed of desired development and events.

There are currently no restrooms at the trail head at BRC. Dr. Bob asked if BRC would accept a port¬a-potty on a trailer, provided it could remain on the site, and be moved elsewhere when needed for other TETRA events. David White commented that we (TETRA folks) could build it, pull it to the site and set it up. Cammie agreed to this plan. Clara suggested that 3-step mounting blocks be made available at the trail head and along the trail (i.e. at the picnic table areas). Cammie said that BRC has carpenters who can build wooden ones if we will furnish the materials.

Dr. Bob asked if a horsemanship clinic could be held in the large enclosed arena. Cammie stated the costs involved to do so for our information.  In planning trail rides for 2013, the group decided on at least three or four TETRA sponsored trail rides, and perhaps 2 or 3 other events which would probably involve horse clinics. Dr. Bob suggested obstacles be established along the trail as well for competitive rides. Everyone seemed to like that idea. In speaking with Cammie, she said that the Jackson County Youth Rodeo is set up for the second weekend of each month, and this should generally be a good weekend for TETRA gatherings. The group decided that we could tentatively schedule our TETRA Regional Meetings and our official TETRA trailrides for those weekends. David White volunteered to coordinate a TETRA ride at 7IL Ranch in

Cat Spring, TX .

So ... Region 11 is off to a great start this year. Come ride with us, and bring your friends. Let’s make 2013 a great trailriding year!

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