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TETRA - Trail Riding for Everyone

TETRA Annual Meeting Held January 26, 2013

The TETRA annual meeting was held Saturday, January 26, in  Robinson, TX(just south of Waco) at the Texas Star Hall. The hall is owned by Vernon  and Kathy Leuschner who graciously donated the use to TETRA for the annual meeting.

During registration, Ragan Kelly helped to update the Tetraville sign with the number of attendees. After registering approximately 70 members a question and answer session was held with veterinarians Valerie Bixler and Tracy Kelly. The most consuming question was colic in horses. It was stated that they treated more cases of colic at trail rides than at endurance rides. The major problem is getting the horses to drink water. Horses get used to the water at their barn and are reluctant to drink elsewhere because it doesn’t taste the same. If you can’t transport water from home then the use of flavored electrolytes in the water at home and away gives the horse a familiar taste in order to drink the water.

Then Jan Price gave a short session of wearing helmets while riding. Most riders say yuck! However, you need to think about who you support. Jan stated that research shows more horse riders are injured or killed riding horses than motorcycle riders. There are laws in place requiring helmets for motorcycle and bicycle riders. If you are the principal bread winner in the family, I would seriously consider wearing a helmet when riding. Jan said to try several brands and styles to get one that is comfortable. Also, helmets begin to deteriorate after 5 years and should be replaced at this time and after a hard hit.

A barbeque lunch with peach cobbler was enjoyed by all prior to the business meeting. The meeting was called to order. Last year’s minutes were approved and the treasurer’s report was presented. We made approximately $300 more than we spent due to donations by several organizations. An endurance club after using

Reynolds Creek Park for an endurance ride gave $200 for all the work we did on the trails. Norman and Susan Cumings have received grants from Exxon Mobil totaling $2,000 for the past two years for work on the parks at Somerville. Some of the grant money was used to repair the windmill that provides water on the trail. Vernon Leuschner has donated the income from the WB Ranch Ride held in May for years to TETRA. This income has totaled in the thousands. Vernonreported that the ranch has recently sold and there will not be a ride this year. He will work on getting the ride for 2014 however, there are not any guarantees. Reports were given about ongoing projects in different parks around the state. Gail Conway reported about a planning meeting on January 31st for a new 3,000 acre park near Strawn in southwestern Palo Pinto County  to be called Palo Pinto Mountain State Park . We should be getting updates on this park as we had representation there. The same officers were elected by acclamation. Regional elections were held. Door prizes awarded. Meeting adjourned and silent auction wrapped up. I left the silent auction for last. The auction was the idea of Phyllis Petronella. Items included trail rides, tack, horse supplies, western décor, horse books, and a three tier rolling saddle rack. The auction brought in $593 with $100 coming from the saddle rack. I’m already getting items ready for the next silent auction. What a fun way to spend a Saturday in fellowship, learning, eating, electing officers to direct our work, and getting a bargain to boot. 

By: Susan Montana

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