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TETRA - Trail Riding for Everyone

Pedernales Falls State Park

 Hans Micklitz organized a one day ride at  Pedernales  Falls  State Park. This is the first annual and with the turn-out, it looks like it might be an annual event. We had 32 people ride with us from the trail head to the picnic tables and back. We rode in single file along a deer fence then could spread out in the open area. We rode through wooded areas and along a power line easement. The scenery changed as we rode and provided some interesting vistas.

Hans had arranged with the park ranger to drive his truck to the lunch stop so we had COLD drinks, ice, and freshly sliced tomatoes for our sandwiches. Plenty of water was available and some carried bottles back onto the trail with them. Mary Littlefield, Glenna Bell Orman, Paula Engelhardt, Debbie Schramm helped set the table with all the goodies.

Ranger Lynn Kuenstler talked to us at lunch about the park and the educational programs he offers. In one program, you ride your horse to different educational stations to learn about the ways of the pioneers. You ride your horse to the night stop and spend the night with no trailers. There are pens at the campsite for equestrians. If you decide to visit the park by yourself, generators are allowed and need to be turned off at 10:00 p.m. Call the park to reserve a pen; only 6 horses are allowed per night.

By: Debby Alley

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