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Outgoing President Vernon Leuschner Reports...
2012 Annual Members Meeting

Greetings all. Hope everyone is enjoying the cool weather and rain. 
The year wound down with the holiday rides at Parrie Haynes. Hope they weren’t our last. Many are working hard to keep PHR open. Texas Parks and Wildlife meet this week (1-25-12) to make some decisions about keeping it open. Rumor is that it may stay open on a limited basis with the help of a TPWD employee and outside groups. Keep your fingers crossed.
TETRA annual membership meeting was held 1-21-12 in Waco at Texas Star Hall with about 75 in attendance. We had a great upbeat meeting starting with coffee, donuts and great fellowship.
During that time Penny Moore had all logo items out for sale. Old as usual did not move that well but her new stock of monogrammed button up shirts, ladies and men’s, did very well. More new stock to come. Since the old stock has not been selling, it was decided to give everyone a raffle ticket and at the end of the meeting, all ticket numbers were called to give everyone a trip to the shirt rack. All old stock is gone!!! Penny was very happy and Larry was even more happy because he didn’t have to load it in the truck again. 
Before lunch we had 2 DPS troopers talk to the group about truck and trailer laws. Not really any new laws, just starting to enforce laws that have always been in the books. Handouts were given to all. If anyone is interested in one, contact someone on the board to obtain a copy. 
It is lunch time and it really smells good. Beef and chicken fajitas and all the trimmings even banana pudding. It was all excellent, thanks to my friend Steve Ayers. 
Meeting was called to order around 1:00 p.m. After opening ceremonies, we approved the minutes from previous membership meeting with one correction. Then we had the Treasure’s Report. We have about $30,000.00 in our account and about $8,000.00 in our receivables. That will be from our last grant application from the Outreach Rides. That’s $38,000.00. We started the year with $30,000. WE DONE GOOD!!! 
Once again, membership is down. A long discussion took place and we have a plan. We have some new folks coming on board and have some great ideas about how to get people interested in joining TETRA. Very soon, we will have new membership brochures that will get your attention and show and explain more about what TETRA is and does. Thanks to those that will be undertaking the new membership projects drive. It is a great feeling to see someone new coming to TETRA with all this energy. 
Two grants were completed in 2011. The Outreach Grant was completed, touching almost 600 children on 6 different rides. Out of the Outreach Grant, TETRA purchased a trailer and outfitted it with everything you need to prepare a meal in a primitive location. The Reynolds Creek Trailhead Grant was also completed. It is a great facility and trails. A new grant to build a restroom/shower, roof over pens and more trails is now being applied for. Also, the Lake Bardwell Grant is back on track. Completion date was extended due to trying to find someone to do it. Please watch the TETRA website for work days and contact person. Thanks to all for all the hard work on these. 
Election of officers for 2012 were held and the new officers are: President – Gail Conway, 1st Vice President – Dwight McMillan, 2nd Vice President – Ronnie Crouch, Secretary – Sara McMillan, Treasurer – Debby Alley. Also coming on were new regional directors for Region 5, 7 and 12. See TETRA Talk or the TETRA website for names and contact information. 
Awards were given out to many deserving people. Watch for that info in TETRA Talk. 
There are several rides on the calendar for 2012. Please watch TETRA website for more info.
Thanks to all the new and renewed board members for your contribution to TETRA. I wish you a fun and productive year.
Your Outgoing President,
Vernon Leuschner

Awards committee Sara McMillan, Sylvia Perry 
and Geri Bischoff present 2011 TETRA Awards. 

President’s Award by Vernon- Debby Alley. For her commitment and dedication to TETRA, Outreach, and Texas trailriders.  
Legacy Award- Gary Hahn. For his ongoing commitment to TETRA’s efforts at developing and opening more trails.  
Blanfard Perry award- Randy Greenfield. For his dedication to the Outreach program and interest and support of TETRA events.
Ned Granger Award-Andrew Goldbloom. For his dedication and assistance in working with TETRA to meet our ongoing goals of opening trails up for equestrian use in Texas
BOD Award- Richard and Louise Burney. For their contribution to the Outreach and Christmas events.  
Lonestar Award- Lyndol Rabbe. For promoting TETRA 
Lifetime Memberships-
Vernon Leuschner-Lifetime Membership. For generous contributions of to the equestrian community on behalf of TETRA.  Vernon has donated his time and resources to the WB Ranch Benefit rides, Granger Lake, Reynold’s Creek, McCowan, Plowman, Parrie Haynes to mention a few.  Texas equestrians have this one person to thank who has made a difference in enhancing and developing trails, camping facilities, and gathering places throughout the state.  
Blanfard Perry-Lifetime Membership. For generous contributions to the equestrian community on behalf of TETRA. Blanfard has donated time, money, and donations to Parrie Haynes, the TETRA trailer, Reynolds Creek, Lacey Point at Lake Waco, McCowan, Plowman and other locations throughout Texas.  
Special Recognition awards-For Outreach rides-Ronnie Crouch, Rita Motley, Paula Englehart and Friends of Parrie Haynes for their time and dedication to the Outreach Projects. 

State Troopers Guest Speakers at Annual Meeting
BY: Juanita Brooks

At the Annual Tetra meeting January 21, 2012, we were pleased to have 2 of our State Troopers conduct an informative session on the laws and regulations of registration, towing and other questions that we, as Equine Professionals needed to know. Perhaps this will help us in the future.
Trailers need to be registered in the county of origin regardless of their weight. The exception will be a farm trailer weighing less than 4000 lbs. that is used temporarily to move farm products to market. Farm trailers over 4001 lbs. to 34,000 lbs can be registered as farm use.
Lights will be 2 stop, 2 tail and 2 turn signals. Exception is for boat trailers under 3000 lbs that are used in daylight hours only. Farm trailers have these light requirements also.
Safety chains should not be welded to the trailer but 2 are required, crossing them in order to cradle the tongue should it slip off the ball. CHAINS ON GOOSENECK OR FIFTH WHEEL TRAILERS ARE NOT MANDATORY. These chains are not required on trailers registered as farm..
Brakes are required on any trailer weighing 4500 lbs or over. Trailers with gross weight of 4500 – 15000 that are pulled under 30 MPH are exempt. Breakaway on trailers are one of the items they routinely check. The battery needs to be kept charged and be capable of stopping the trailer if it is engaged. Do not hook the cable to the chains itself but to the ball or other item in the bed that is permanent.
Trailers with a registered weight of 4500 lbs or more have to have an annual inspection sticker. This can be done at your local garage or other state inspection station. Farm trailers are exempt unless the combined weight is 48000 lbs. 
Formerly, any trailer with living quarters had to have either a regular trailer tag or recreational vehicle tag, not farm tags. As of January 1, 2012, this law has been changed. The officers advised to check with your county registration office as they usually use a percent of living quarters ratio to animal ratio. (50-50) (40-60) etc. 
 SMV (Slow moving vehicle) signs are required on any vehicle traveling under 25 MPH. This includes our wagons or farm equipment on public roads. These need to be mounted between 3 – 5 ft from the ground.
Farm tags cannot be on a vehicle that is used for other purposes such as work or shopping. However, these plates can now be used to participate in equine activities or farm shows. Seat belts are required for the passenger but not driver in these vehicles.
Legal length for combined units is 65 ft., height is 14 ft., and width is 8’6 in. Speed limit is posted signs.
Questions or clarification of these laws can be found at www.TxDVM or www.txdps.state.tx.us. 
Officers present were Sergeant Jim Galyean and Senior Trooper Jay Sparkman. Either of these officers can be contacted at 254-759-7169 for additional information.
Special thanks to our outgoing President, Vernon Lueschner for scheduling this presentation.

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