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 The Storm Ranch Ride was held Oct 8-10 was beautiful. We covered areas of the ranch that our group had not traveled in the past. Our camp was at the interior of the ranch, again a new experience for all of us. We had a great turnout and new members to join up as well. We road all day on Saturday, and a long morning ride on Sunday. Wilbur, the pet feral pig, and the turkey did a great job of desentizing our horses to the noises they make.  
We had a lot of local, day riders join us, so each day was a bit different in our rider mix. Lots of fun. Kris Herzog, ranch owner, and Erin Johnson, her assistant, led the group, and Scot Godwin, drag scout for Kris, kept the end moving. Debby Alley provided her assistance with registration. This was a mounted only ride, which we started last year, as a something different ride. Everyone had a great time. Geri Bischoff, Region 10. 
Photos By: Beverly Lillian

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