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Grand Opening for the new Reynold’s Creek Equestrian Campground was held with a Trail ride on September 23-25, 2011. Lunch was furnished to the public, along with wagon rides, on Saturday followed with a ribbon cutting ceremony. President Vernon Leuschner presented facts about the construction of the campground and the adjoining Lacy Point trail system. Also speaking was Andrew Goldbloom with Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, who supplied the Grant for construction. He had many nice compliments about all of TETRA’s hard work on many projects around the state.
The Lacy Point trail system was begun September 1, 2006 as a joint effort of the Waco Bicycle Club and TETRA, to develop multi use trails at an unused portion of Waco Lake Corp property. For five years trail development and maintenance has been done by volunteers dedicated to the development. The trails consist of approximately 10 miles of single track trails and another 8 miles of roads. In 2009 the trails were designated as a National Recreational Trail by the park service.
Also in 2009 Sylvia Perry and Sara McMillan wrote and received a recreational grant from Texas Parks and Wildlife for construction of the equestrian campground. Work began on the new park in August of 2010. With the guidance and work of Vernon Leuschner and Blanfard Perry, many volunteers contributed to the effort.  With the combination of both projects, volunteers have logged over 2000 hours, using their fuel and equipment as well as labor.
The project was opened to the public on June 15, 2011.
A big thank you to all those who have and continue to volunteer in this wonderful project. 
Sara McMillan - Project Manger

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