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Region 10 Ride 
Inspiring Oaks Ranch 

Oct 20, Region 10 sponsored a ride at Inspring Oaks, west of Wimberly. Our guide and host was Tom Gridley. This 1200 acre ranch was opened the first time to an equestrian event with TETRA. We were very excited to be a part of experiencing this ranch, and hope that other equestrians will be able to enjoy riding there as much as we did. 
 The scenery was lovely, and diverse. Our camping area was spacious and comfortable. The camping was primitive with water for horses near the camping area. Tom guided us through the ranch, using old ranch roads, and through the woods. He took us to a natural spring which feeds into the Blanco river. Lovely vistas and weather made the event a welcome change. 
 One of our challenges was the spring, with it’s narrow access. Tom guided us out of the creek bed up a steep, narrow rock wall. As each person made it to the top of the trail, they shared their experience  We recieved excellent feedback from all that attended. I am hopeful we will be able to offer a ride next year at this lovely ranch. Tom shared that there are plans for other events and they have overnight housing facilities available for rent. Tom can be reached via email at tgridley@wildblue.net. 
By: Geri Bischoff
Director Region 10

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