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TETRA - Trail Riding for Everyone

The Heart of Texas WB ranch ride to benefit TETRA was held May 19-22. The ride is held every year by Vernon and Kathy Leuschner and they donate all of the profits to TETRA. It was nice to see nearly all of the TETRA board in attendance and 3 past presidents, Gary Hahn, Barbara McKnight and Jack Borchers, along with several past board members. The overall attendance was not as many as we had hoped for, perhaps because of the threat of the EHV virus or the bad weather that was predicted. 
The weather was wonderful, all of the storms went around us, and all we got was a nice lightning show to entertain us on the hay ride Friday night
.We had about 55 riders for the trail rides and everyone had a great time riding in the river, up the hills and all of the other trails that Vernon took us down, over and through in typical fun Vernon style!!! Kathy was a real trooper and stepped up to work at all jobs that were needed and do the registration, even though she had a bad accident with a horse in a trailer just 2 days before the event!
Thank you Vernon and Kathy from the bottom of our trail riding hearts - we appreciate everything that you do! By: Gary & Jeanne Hahn, Region 7 (Photos by: Jeanne Hahn)

My Experience at the WB Ranch Ride 2011 
By: Paula Engelhardt
The beautiful Brazos River and miles of trails through lush green woods and creeks, across wildflower-laden fields, up steep hills and down into serene valleys makes the WB Ranch one of my favorite places to ride.  My third year on this ride, I worried that the drought might have transformed this 2500-acre garden of Eden from the sublime retreat I remembered into a dusty, crusty landscape.  A few minutes into our first ride of the weekend and my fears were laid to rest!  Although the effects of the decline in rainfall were noticeable, the ranch proved to be as delightful as ever.  
Vernon and Jack led us on a variety of scenic half-day rides, my favorite being the afternoon we rode down the Brazos River through water that was at times belly high on (and certainly refreshing to) our horses.  We visited the chapel on the hill and I was again struck by the beauty and scope of the view of the river, pecan orchard and surrounding landscape below.  There were new and familiar faces on the rides, everyone visiting and commenting on how much they enjoyed the opportunity to go on a real off-the-beaten-path ranch ride!            
The weekend forecast for the area was ominous, but showing up paid off -- the storms went around us and the most we had to endure was a light mist on a morning ride, the occasional soft roll of thunder and a great lightning show off in the distance during Friday night’s hayride.       
 This was my second year to try out a new horse on this ride and it was a perfect place to do so.  With a top-notch camping facility, varied terrain and obstacles to test a good trail horse and the organizational skills of Vernon and Kathy Leuschner (which included providing delicious and satisfying meals), there was little left to worry about. I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and came away from the ride rested and renewed and with some wonderful new friends too!  
Photos  by: Paula Engelhardt

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