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2011 Annual Meeting, 
Officer Elections & Annual Awards

This year’s annual meeting was very eventful. Our guest speaker was Barbara Knudson from Alvarado and represented “Back Country Trail riding.”  Ms. Knudson spoke on back country horsemanship and packing into the back country in Oregon and Washington. 
The focus of her presentation was about leaving no trace and the need to police ourselves, “pack in-pack out”, developing a riding plan, which should include leaving information with someone about the direction you are traveling in the event an emergency develops, packing in your food, and the need to avoid feeding wildlife. She talked about the use of tie lines that do not stretch and the type of rope to use for this purpose. Her talk was very interesting and she brought several interesting brochures for the attendees to read. 
Our outgoing president, Gary Hahn covered quite a bit of information. Both he and Jan Price, the outgoing treasurer, served for four year, assisting TETRA with Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) grant funding and increasing our ride revenue. He talked about some of his concerns with the future of our state park equestrian trails. With Texas’s huge budgetary shortfall, there was discussion about how this could negatively impact our state parks, and areas for equestrians.  Both he and Jan discussed possible cuts to state parks, but they do not know which parks may be impacted. Additionally, Gary talked about HB 244, a bill filed by a Dallas representative, and if passed would add language allowing the managing state agency, Protective and Regulatory Services, the option to sell the Parrie Haynes property and use those funds for children in their care. The sale of the property may remove the land from public and equestrian use.   
Barbara McKnight, previous TETRA president, reminded us that she is a member of Texans for State Parks, who can help to represent our interests during the legislative session. As a non-profit organization, TETRA cannot lobby or state any position about legislation. However, Barbara pointed out that other organizations, such as like Texans for State Parks, can represent its members and joining is easy. Also, contacting your representative to let them know of your concern about a bill is an individual right and should be pursued. The tone of the meeting was that we all need to protect and assist with preserving our parks as a valuable resource.  
Gary made several ‘presidential awards, recognizing those that he felt provided him with ‘over and above’ assistance during his four years of service. Both Gary and Jan received lifetime membership awards. The awards committee, which consisted of, Sara McMillan, Sylvia Perry and Geri Bischoff, presented four awards to special members for their outstanding service.
Debby Alley-Board of Directors award.  Debby is a board member who is intensely committed to the Outreach rides. She promotes TETRA and always coordinates activities and looks after many details to ensure the success of each event.
Teresa Chipman-Ned Granger Award. Teresa has continued to develop and maintain contacts in her region, focusing on Lake Sommerville-Nails Creek equestrian trails. She has been personally responsible for organizing the development and maintenance of these trails. She has done so in the face of overwhelming health issues, as a non riding equestrian, and has remained steadfastly committed to her board responsibilities. Teresa has unselfishly supported TETRA and we thank her for her commitment.
Jan Price-Legacy Award. Jan dedicated her efforts to TETRA funds, ensuring funds were fully accounted for, worked on the Department of Parks and Wildlife grant, and served countless volunteer hours at Parrie Haynes.  Over four years, Jan selflessly worked for TETRA and helped the organization meet challenging goals.  
Penny Moore-Jack Borchers Award. Penny worked tirelessly dedicating her time and efforts at personal fund raising by assuming the responsibly of the logo apparel and items. Her efforts have raised funds, ensured the TETRA name is circulated on these items, and assumed this responsibility with enthusiasm and dedication.
Gary Hahn-Retiring President 2011. Gary served for 4 years as TETRA president, returning TETRA to some of it’s core values. He developed and built successful relationships with DPW staff and facilitated TETRA/DPW grant work for the Outreach rides. He assisted TETRA in further establishing the organization as the ‘go to’ group for equestrian trail development in Texas. 
Special Certificate Awards to Outreach Wagon Drivers and Volunteers: 
Parrie Haynes Outreach Event - For driving and guiding the children through their incredible Outreach experience.  Billy Sparks, Billy built the fire for the branding; Juanita Brooks, Juanita talked about the cochlea; Blanfard Perry; Kelly Boesen; TR Gage; Randy Greenfield; Paula Englehart, talked about the plants while in the wagon; Barbara McKnight registered and spoke to the kids about history; Louise Burney ran the barrel races for the “rodeo”; Charles and Joyce Mosie ran the horse shoe pitching contest. Richard Burney and Jack Borchers ran the roping contest for the rodeo; Rita Motley helped the “friends” by being Mrs. Priddy; Jan Price, Mary Littlefield, Rita Motley and Sylvia Perry helped with the branding; Assistant Adam Jarrett for being certain the Outreach Coordinator had everything necessary for the Outreach Ride to be a success.
 Fort McKavett- Billy Sparks; Juanita Broooks; Blanfard Perry; Kelly Boesen; Gary Hahn for locating the children; Michael Garza.  Buffalo soldiers- PH Outreach participation - Tim Spice; Louis Padilla
PHR staff Outreach participation - Jim Daugherty-Tent set up; Candace Bradford for helping to organize and accommodate guests; Kate Love  Presentation Tuesday through Friday.
 Friends of PH Outreach participation - These folks gave a presentation Tuesday through Saturday and set up the display on Monday.  They wore their period clothing and talked about how the people lived and what tools they used.
Judy Parker; Peggy Morse; Bradley Ware; Chris Belliveaue; 
Land Heritage Institute Outreach and continued commitment to work with TETRA in reaching their LHI equestrian goals. Richard and Louise Burney; Jack Borchers;  Drivers: Wayne Collins, Dave Feltenberger, Kelly Boesen, Hans Micklitz, and Mark Oppelt.
Gary ‘awarded’ all those present with special equestrian gifts. We all received a horse brush, two combs, a flashlight, and sweat scraper. Then he raffled off a few extra prizes. 
This was followed by the election of new officers. Vernon Leuschner was elected President, Gail Conway, DVM, 1st Vice President, Dwight McMillan 2nd Vice President, Debby Alley, Treasurer, and Juanita Brooks Secretary. T.R.Gage Region 8 Director, and Geri Bischoff Region 10 will continue in their positions, as they were not up for re-election. Barbara McKnight, Region 8, Sara McMillan, Region 8, and Penny Moore, Region 8, are servicing as Directors at Large. We need other regional position to be filled and if there is an interest, members are encouraged to contact the board. The new board met after the elections to set this year’s ride calendar. Be sure to look for these rides and events in this newsletter and online at www.tetratrails.com.       
Texans for State Parks link-  http://www.texansstateparks.org/ 

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