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TETRA - Trail Riding for Everyone

A New Years Eve TETRA trail ride. 
What a better way to bring in the New Year!    
There is nothing more joyful than friends, the outdoors and your favorite trail horse or mule. I really enjoyed the New Years ride at Parrie Haynes last/this year. I have spent my new years celebration doing so many different things but I believe this was the best. No wild parties, no drunks, no foul language, just good people who I have really come to enjoy. This is only my second year at trail riding and I can not tell you how much I have enjoyed this.
I started off Friday by being able to come early and ride in the morning and in the afternoon with my buddies, Sylvia Perry, Blandfard Perry and Sara McMillian. These wonderful people got me started  and taught me everything I know about trail riding. The weather was a little nippy but was just wonderful in the trees. My husband Matt does not ride, but he can’t wait till we have another ride, He enjoys the people and just being out at the campsite. I cannot imagine people not being able to engage in this wonderful activity and fellowship in trail riding. Being out in this beautiful country and taking in mother nature, I feel like I am in God’s church every time we go out. I think this is the way he intended. Nothing better than hearing the rustling of leaves under the horses hoofs or the gentle sounds of the water in the small creeks we cross. At night the sounds of laughter of the people, the nickering of the horses and the inviting  smell of the campfires. I love being bundled up on the chilly night. 
Friday night we all enjoyed a wonderful  supper of mexican food. It was delicious! The heart burn was also very warming that night. Needless to say, the meal lasted all night long. After supper, Gary cranked up the music to dance to but most listened to the music while talking, playing vicious games of domino’s. Little by little the crowd thinned out until there was only 8 daring souls to stay up until the new year. I brought sparklers and Sylvia, Sara, Megan(Sylvia’s granddaughter)and I went outside about 10:30pm or so to light them and act like children. I think we had just as much fun as Megan. After the last one was out, Megan and Sylvia went to bed. Just a couple of minutes before midnight, everyone danced and said their Happy New Years at 12:00am. 
Saturday’s ride was just as wonderful as Fridays. What a wonderful weekend and start of the new year. During the afternoon ride Jan Price joined Sylvia, Megan, Sara and I on the trail. She was  all ready for some “gaiting out” which we did (we all have gaited horses), it was a blast! Saturday night’s feast was again wonderful. The meat that Gary prepared was a great choice to compliment all the great dishes that everyone brought. Saturday night again a round of dominos (I won!). It is so nice that TETRA provides us such a wonderful release from the hussle and bussle of everyday life by providing us great places to ride, many activities, and most of all such a great group of people to be aquainted with. I thank the Lord for these people and our wonderful equine companions that make life so full. 
I didn’t  ride out on Sunday, had to get home to regular life and get things done before the start of a new week. Thank you TETRA and all the people involved in making our new year so special. 
God Bless everyone and Happy New Year. 
Pamela Jordan
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